Special Issues

Religion & Literature publishes yearly special issues on various topics in the field. Each special issue is edited by an invited guest editor who chooses a topic, invites contributions, and manages the editing process. The following is a list of the journal’s special issues and their editors:

“On Grace” (Summer-Autumn 2017), Romana Huk

“David Jones” (Spring 2017), including the forum “David Jones: Towards a Theology of History” edited by Anna Svendsen and Jasmine Hunter Evans and the mini-forum “On Logos” edited by L. M. Kilbride

“Mellon Issue: Literature and Religion for the Humanities” (Summer-Autumn 2014), Susannah Monta

“’Something Fearful’: Medievalist Scholars on the Religious Turn in Literary Criticism” (Spring-Summer 2010), Kathryn Kerby-Fulton and Jonathan Juilfs

“What is Religion and Literature?” (Summer 2009), Susannah Monta

“Ecotheology and Literature” (Spring 2008), Kate Rigby

“Political Theology and Renaissance Literature” (Autumn 2006), Graham Hammill and Julia Lupton

“The Book and Religious Practice in Late Medieval England” (Summer 2005) Paul J. Patterson

“Pilgrimage in Literature of the Americas: Spiritualized Travel and Sacred Place” (Summer-Autumn 2003), Heidi Oberholtzer

“Faith and Faction: Religious Heterodoxy in the English Renaissance” (Summer 2000), Daniel Gates

“Visions of the Other World in Medieval Literature: An Introduction” (Spring 1999), Brian McFadden

“Jewish Diasporism: The Aesthetics of Ambivalence” (Autumn 1998), Ranen Omer-Sherman

“The Endless Knot: Literature and Religion in Ireland” (Summer-Autumn 1996), Willa Murphy

“Giving Testimony: African-American Spirituality and Literature” (Spring 1995), Laura Winkiel

“Dancing at the Altar: American Indian Literature and Spirituality” (Spring 1994), Donelle R. Ruwe

“Violence, Difference, Sacrifice: Conversations on Myth and Culture in Theology and Literature” (Summer 1993)

“Reconstructing the Word: Spirituality in Women’s Literature” (Autumn 1991)

“Religious Thought and Contemporary Critical Theory” (Summer-Autumn 1990), Paul J. Contino

“The Literature of Islam” (Spring 1988), Issa J. Boullata

“Language, Literature, and the Imagination in the Writings of Simone Weil” (Summer 1985)

“An Investigation of Sacred Experience and Work in Jewish Traditions” (Winter 1984)

“Faith and Narrative” (Spring 1983)

“Christianity and Culture” (Summer 1982)

“Judaic Literature: Critical Perspectives” (Spring 1979)