Current Issue

Volume 49.3


Maria Tomasula Red Curtain

Joseph Twist, “Between Resurrection and Insurrection: Jesus and the ‘Deconstructions of monotheism’ in ‘von Der Zärtlichkeit’ by Navid Kermani and ‘Ich, Jesus von Nazareth’ by SAID
Avram Alpert, “Buddhism Between Worlds: Contested Liberations in Kipling, Salinger, and Head”
Leyla Ozgur Alhassen, “A Semantic and Thematic Analysis of the Story of Ibrāhīm in the Qur’ān: Family, Parents, and Ancestors”
Joshua Taft, “John Henry Newman’s Metrical Experiments: Poetic and Religious ‘Difficulties’”
Christopher Maslanka, “Ȝhat art Þou?‘: Spiritual Identity and Category Confusion in the South English Legendary’s Life of St. Christopher”

Forum “Literature and the Reformation” edited by Richard A. Strier and Susannah Brietz Monta

Brian Cummings, “Remembering the Reformation: A Retrospect”
Richard A. Strier, “Doctrine and Life: The Impact of the Reformation”
Susannah Brietz Monta, “Literature and the Contours of Belief”
Beth Quitslund, “‘Without Pity Heare Their Dying Grones’: Metrical Psalms and the Poetry of Sacred Violence”
Kenneth Graham, “The Reformation of Manners and the Grace of the Reformation: Measure for Measure’s Disciplinary Mingle-Mangle”
Gregory Kneidel, “Donne and the Virtue of Religion”