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David Jones Special Issue

“David Jones: Towards a Theology of History,” edited by Anna Svendsen and Jasmine Hunter Evans
Anna Svendsen and Jasmine Hunter Evans, “Introduction”
Tom Villis, “When was ‘the Break’? David Jones and Catholic Ideas of Rupture in British History”
Jasmine Hunter Evans and Christine Pagnoulle, “‘The Agent’: Probing into Agency”
Ewan King, “Narrating Communion: Gwenhwyfar and the Encounter of Chronicle and Critical History”
Joseph Simmons, “David Jones’s Irenaean Theology of History”
Sarah Coogan, “‘You will furnish / that fatigue’: Typological Interpretation and David Jones’s Ambiguous Soldier”
Tom Bromwell, “The Apocalyptic Paratext: The Frontispiece and Tailpiece to In Parenthesis
Adam Schwartz, “‘Getting into history’: The Great War and David Jones’s Memory”
John David Ramsey, “David Jones, Action, Anamnesis, and the Roman Catholic Mass”
Francesca Brooks, “Liturgy, Performance, and Poetry of the Passion: David Jones and The Dream of the Rood
Robin D’Souza, “From Egalitarian to Sacramental Community: Re-writing William Morris’s Social Romance in David Jones’s In Parenthesis
Daniel Gustafsson, “The Making and Unmaking of History: Secular and Sacramental Approaches”
Jean Ward, “The Poet as ‘Rememberer’: Anamnesis in David Jones’s Language”
Paul Robichaud, “David Jones and the Archipelagic Past”
Thomas Berenato, “David Jones and the Ancient Mariner: A History of Forgiveness”
Elizabeth Powell, “The Quest for Sacrament in David Jones’s Poem, ‘A, a, a, DOMINE DEUS’”

Mini-forum, edited by L. M. Kilbride
L. M. Kilbride, “Introduction on Logos”
Catherine Pickstock, "What Does Othering Make? David Jones’s “A, a, a, Domine Deus”
Romana Huk, "Sacrament as ars in the down-to-earth poetics of David Jones (pursued through a reading of his ars[e]-poetica, “A, a, a, Domine Deus”)"