Religion & Literature is a scholarly journal providing a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language.

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Current Issue: 53.2 (Published Summer 2021)​​​​​​


Maria Lichtmann, "Mary and the Eternal Feminine in the Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins"

Anne Carpenter, "Not America’s Nightmare: Hans Urs von Balthasar, Janelle Monáe, and Aesthetic Form"

George Rosso, "The Lamb’s New Song: Apocalypse in Early British Hymnody"

Thomas Breedlove, "Absence and Presence: The Unfinished Language of John Donne’s ‘Resurrection, imperfect'"

Brett Roscoe, "Making God’s Word: Manuscript Production, Nature, and the Bible in The Secret of Kells and Exeter Book Riddle 26"

Don Adams, You’re Screwing Yourself: Jim Thompson’s Unlikely Levinasian Prophecy

Book Reviews

Don Michael Hudson on The ‘Geometrics’ of the Rahab Story: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Joshua 2 by Andrezej Toczyski SDB

Michelle Ephraim on The Jew’s Daughter: A Cultural History of a Conversion Narrative by Efraim Sicher

Claire Taylor Jones on Medieval Things: Agency, Materiality, and Narratives of Objects in Medieval German Literature and Beyond by Bettina Bildhauer

Natalia Khomenko on Shadow and Substance: Eucharistic Controversy and English Drama across the Reformation Divide by Jay Zysk

Lowell Gallagher on Retelling the Siege of Jerusalem in Early Modern England by Vanita Neelakanta

Kim Hedlin on The Biblical Covenant in Shakespeare by Mary Jo Kietzman

Peter Cheyne on Romanticism and the Re-Invention of Modern Religion: The Reconciliation of German Idealism and Platonic Realism by Alexander J. B. Hampton

Emily McConkey on Christina Rossetti: Poetry, Ecology, Faith by Emma Mason

Carole M. Cusack on Pentecostal Modernism: Lovecraft, Los Angeles, and World-Systems Culture edited by Stephen Shapiro and Philip Barnard

John Burt on Catholicism and American Borders in the Gothic Literary Imagination by Farrell O’Gorman

Robert Wexelblatt on When Fiction and Philosophy Meet: A Conversation with Flannery O’Connor and Simone Weil by E. Jane Doering and Ruthann Knechel Johansen

Shira Wolosky on The Bible in the American Short Story by Lesleigh Cushing Stahlberg and Peter S. Hawkins





Upcoming Issue: 53.3 (Expected Fall 2021)