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Current Issue: 53.3 (Published Fall 2021)​​​​​​


Einat Davidi, “Martin Buber's Elijah and the Tradition of Spanish Baroque Drama”

Ayat Agah, “Rereading a Life: Forugh Farrokzad as a Poet of the Sacred and the Self”

Michael Ratnapalan, “Missionary Christianity and Culture in Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘The Beach of Falesa’”

Chen Houliang, “‘My Dharma…Was That of the Householder’: ‘Ethic of the Householder’ in Oxherding Tale

Ann Astell, “Compunction and Conversion in Henry James’ ‘The Altar of the Dead’”

Matt Helm, “Discerning Love, Recuperating Hope: ‘The Search for God’ in Carson McCullers’ The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

Book Reviews

Jacob Riyeff on Reading Old English Biblical Poetry: The Book and the Poem in Junius 11 by Janet Shrunk Ericksen

Marjorie Harrington on The Sacred and the Sinister: Studies in Medieval Religion and Magic edited by David J. Collins, S.J.

Samuel K. Cohn, Jr. on After the Black Death: Plague and Commemoration Among Iberian Jews by Susan L. Einbinder

Ambra Moroncini on The Grace of the Italian Renaissance by Ita Mac Carthy

David Lummus on The Enemy in Italian Renaissance Epic: Images of Hostility from Dante to Tasso by Andrea Moudarres

Jillian M. Snyder on Shakespeare, Theology, and the Unstaged God by Anthony D. Baker

Larry D. Bouchard on A Literary History of Reconciliation: Power, Remorse and the Limits of Forgiveness by Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen

David Hall on Puritan Spirits in the Abolitionist Imagination by Kenyon Gradert

Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook on Anglican Women Novelists: From Charlotte Brontë to P. D. James edited by Judith Maltby and Alison Shell

Melissa Weininger on Salvage Poetics: Post-Holocaust American Jewish Folk Ethnographies by Sheila E. Jelen 

Craig Woelfel on Fault Lines of Modernity: The Fractures and Repairs of Religion, Ethics, and Literature edited by Kitty Millet and Dorothy Figueira 





Upcoming Double Issue: 54.1/2 (Expected Fall 2022)