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Current Issue: 54.1-2 (Published Spring 2022)​​​​​​



Marta Cerezo, “Charles William Stubbs and Shakespeare: The Incarnation and the English Cult of Literature at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”

Yun Ni, “The Buddha’s Shadow and God’s Flesh: Image and Anti-Image in Huiyuan and Julian of Norwich”

Jessica Hines, “Forming Pity: Responses to Suffering in Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde

Rachana Rao Umashankar, “‘Horseshoes on the Fire: The Praxis of Movement and Journey in the Poetry of Sufi Islam”

Tomasz Dekert, “Mikhail Bulgakov’s Azazello, Behemoth and Abadonna, Viewed Against the Background of Their Onomastic Prototypes” 

Tommy Pfannkoch, “Prospero’s Coercive Forgiveness”

Darragh Greene, “Substaunce Into Accident”: Transubstantiation and Relics in Chaucer’s Pardoner’s Tale

Sonia Fanucchi “Re-Membering History: Allegory as Sacrament in Inferno’s Prologue Scene”

Margaret Marion Gower, “Glorifying God: The Theological Notion of Women in Christine de Pizan’s Livre de la Cité des Dames


 Book Reviews


Ben Dewar on The Laws of Hammurabi: At the Confluence of Royal and Scribal Traditions by Pamela Bartash

Brian Muhs on The Epigraphy of Ptolemaic Egypt edited by Alan Bowman and Charles Crowther

Robyn A. Bartlett on Thomas Hoccleve: Religious Reform, Transnational Poetics, and the Invention of Chaucer by Sebastian Langdell

Elizabeth Zeman Kolkovich on A Weaver-Poet and the Plague: Labor, Poverty, and the Household in Shakespeare’s London by Scott Oldenburg

Jaime Goodrich on The Female Baroque in Early Modern English Literary Culture: From Mary Sidney to Aphra Behn by Gary Waller

Richard A. Bailey on Invisible Masters: Gender, Race, and the Economy of Service in Early New England by Elisabeth Ceppi

Thomas Gaiton Marullo on Dostoevsky’s Incarnational Realism: Finding Christ among the Karamazovs by Paul Contino

Cheri L. Larsen Hoeckley on Missionary Cosmopolitanism in Nineteenth-Century British Literature by Winter Jade Werner

Paul Robichaud on David Jones on Religion, Politics, and Culture: Unpublished Prose edited by Thomas Berenato, Anne Price-Owen, and Kathleen Henderson Staudt

Jahdiel Perezon on Christianity and the Triumph of Humor: From Dante to David Javerbaum by Bernard Schweizer

Daniel Shank Cruz on Field Language: The Painting and Poetry of Warren and Jane Rohrer edited by Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Christopher Reed, and Joyce Henri Robinson

Michael F. Miller on David Foster Wallace and Religion: Essays on Faith and Fiction edited by Michael McGowan and Martin Brick





Upcoming Special Issue on John Henry Newman: 55.1 (Expected Spring 2023)