Religion & Literature seeks to publish high-quality, innovative scholarship that explores the relations between two crucial human concerns: the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language. 

We publish three times a year and our issues include scholarly articles, book reviews, and forums dedicated to focused topics in religion and literature; we also publish special issues edited by leading scholars.

The journal began publication in 1984, succeeding NDEJ: A Journal of Religion in Literature (1977-1984). As an early editor remarked, the journal is determined to provide a usable, protean space for wide-ranging discussions of the many ways in which religion and literature are implicated in and shaped by each other. We welcome any scholarly approach provided authors are willing to consider religion not simply as cultural artifact but also as a living tradition, with all the paradoxes that phrase may embrace.

Romana Huk is currently the editor of the journal; Sandra Gustafson, Jesse Lander, Jennifer Newsome Martin, Christian Moevs, Susannah Monta, Vittorio Montemaggi, Cyril O'Regan, and Henry Weinfield currently sit on its editorial board. Our advisory board includes Felicia Bonaparte, Lori Branch, Steven Frye, Thomas Haddox, Kevin Hart, John McClure, Cleo McNelly Kearns, Barbara Newman, and J. Hillis Miller.

The journal has approximately 500 subscribers and can be found online at JSTOR. It is indexed in the MLA International Bibliography, ATLA Religion Database, Religion and Theological Abstracts, and other major databases.

Painting titled Corpus by Maria Tomasula
Maria Tomasula, Corpus, oil on linen, 1997, 12" x 8".