Rights and Permissions

Publishers and/or past contributors wishing to obtain reprint permission for an article that has appeared in Religion & Literature should send a request letter to:

Attn: Kathleen Canavan
Religion & Literature
254 Decio Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

The letter should state the article’s title and author’s name, along with the title of the publication in which the article is to appear. Also, list the name of the publisher and when the publication is expected to be completed. Please note that Religion & Literature charges a minimum fee of $15.00 for non-profit publications, and $10.00 per page for publications intended to be sold for profit. Reprint permission is required if an article will be partially reprinted or in toto.

Examples requiring reprint permission:

  • Anthologies
  • Volumes of literary criticism
  • Contributor’s own publication