Religion & Literature is a scholarly journal providing a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language. We publish articles, review essays, and book reviews three times a year. R&L began publication in 1984, succeeding NDEJ: A Journal of Religion in Literature (1977-1984). A program in the study of Religion and Literature is housed in the College of Arts & Letters of the University of Notre Dame.

Current Issue, Volume 46.1 (Spring 2014)

This issue features six articles on topics ranging from John Lydgate to William Golding, a forum on Dickinson and Religion (ed. Roger Lundin) and book reviews. The forum features essays by Roger Lundin, James McIntosh, Richard Brantley, Jane Donahue Eberwein, Victoria N. Morgan, Linda Freedman, Miho Nonaka, and Thomas Gardner.

Article Authors

Jennifer Sisk, “Unauthorized Desire: Audience and Affect in St. Erkenwald and Lydgate’s St. Austin at Compton
Geoffrey Nash, “Aryan and Semite in Ernest Renan and Matthew Arnold’s Quest for the Religion of Modernity”
Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, “Brideshead Illustrated: The Sacred and Profane Aesthetics of Captain Charles Ryder”
Derek C. Hatch, “‘Even When Christ is Not Recognized’: The Thomistic Mediation of Divine Grace in The Violent Bear it Away
James Clements, “‘The Thing in the Box’: William Golding’s ‘Miss Pulkinhorn’ as Apophatic Literature”
Adam Glover, “Music, Poetry, and Eucharist”
Roger Lundin, ed. forum, “Dickinson and Religion”

Other Contributors

Susan L. Einbinder, Ryan Szpiech’s Conversion and Narrative: Reading and Religious Authority in Medieval Polemic
Michael Questier, Alice Dailey’s The English Martyr from Reformation to Revolution
Ghanshyam Sharma, Allison Busch’s Poetry of Kings: The Classical Hindi Literature of Mughal India
Nancy Carol James, Patricia A. Ward’s Experimental Theology in America: Madame Guyon, Fenelon, and Their Readers
Scott Krawczyk, Felicity James and Ian Inkster (eds.)‘s Religious Dissent and the Aikin-Barbauld Circle, 1740-2860
Susan Matthews, Susanne M. Sklar’s Blake’s Jerusalem as Visionary Theatre: Entering the Divine Body

John Luis Haglund, Eric Ziolkowski’s The Literary Kierkegaard
James McIntosh, Linda Freedman’s Emily Dickinson and the Religious Imagination
Robert B. Shaw, Henry Weinfield’s The Blank-Verse Tradition from Milton to Stevens: Freethinking and the Crisis of Modernity
David J. Leigh, Wesley A. Kort’s Textual Intimacy: Autobiography and Religious Identities
Fatemeh Kesharvarz, Hamid Dabashi’s The World of Persian Literary Humanism
Emmanuel Katongole, Carolyn M. Jones Medine’s Ancient and Modern Religion and Politics: Negotiating Transitive Space and Hybrid Identities


News and Events:

Lecture: “The Metaphysics of Language: Levinas on the Names of God”
Shira Wolosky, Professor of American Studies and English Literature at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will deliver our 2015 Religion & Literature Lecture on November 2nd at 5 pm in 100-104 McKenna Hall, with a reception to follow in the McKenna Hall Atrium. Dr. Wolosky has published widely on topics ranging from poetics to literary theory to philosophy and ethics to cutting-edge feminism as well as religion and literature. This lecture will engage her current research connecting issues in in language theory, ethics and metaphysics.

Past Events
Lecture: “The Pace of Praise: Might Theology Walk Together with Literature?”
Professor Robin Kirkpatrick lectured in the Religion & Literature lecture series.

Lecture: “Seeing into the Middle of Things: On Being a Catholic Writer.”
Ron Hansen is the author of author of eight novels including A Wild Surge of Guilty Passion, Exiles, and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford as well as three short story collections. Hansonis Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., Professor in Arts and Humanities at Santa Clara University.

Conference: Dante’s Theology (Jerusalem)
Italian Studies at Notre Dame organized “Dante’s Theology: An International Summer Seminar on the Theological Dimensions of Dante’s Work” was held at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute in Jerusalem, June 17-28, 2013."

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Upcoming Issue:

46.2/3, featuring articles from

  • Lori Branch, “The Rituals of Our Re-Secularization: Literature Between Faith and Knowledge”
  • Cyril O’Regan, “August Rivalries: Post-Romantic Contesting of the Biblical Narrative: Harold Bloom and Philip Pullman”
  • Katy Wright-Bushman and Hannah Zdansky, “Religion in/and/all over Medieval Literature”
  • Lesleigh Cushing, “Time, Memory, Ritual and Recital: Religion and Litearture in Exodus 12”
  • Ann Astell and Susannah Monta, “Genre and the Joining of Literature and Religion: A Question of Kinds”
  • Vittorio Montemaggi and Regina Schwartz, “On Religion and Literature: Truth, Beauty and the Good”
  • Fatemeh Keshavarz and Peter Hawkins, “Taste and See: A Religion and Literature Dialogue”
  • Annual Syllabus Prize: Dallin Lewis, “After Eden: Religion, Literature, and the Environment”