Religion & Literature is a scholarly journal providing a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language.

Current Issue, Volume 48.3 (published spring 2018)

Article Authors

Cynthia R. Wallace, “‘Whatever Else We Call It’: The Great Price of Secular Sainthood in Mary Gordon’s Pearl
Courtney Palmbush, “The Othea, the Rose, and the Comedy: Christine de Pizan and the Ethics of Gloss”
John Wiehl, “Discarding Predestination in Thomas Cooper’s The Purgatory of Suicides
Alex Davis, “Story Without End: Perspective, Form, and Interpretation in John’s Apocalypse”
Ken Derry, “Blood on the Wall: Christianity, Colonialism, and Mimetic Conflict in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye
Scott Dill, “Toward a Theology of Taste: John Updike’s Creaturely Aesthetics”

Other Contributors

Scott A. Mellor, Tree of Salvation: Yggdrasil and the Cross in the North by G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.
David Cook, Martyrdom and Terrorism: Pre-Modern to Contemporary Perspectives edited by Dominic Janes and Alex Houen
Kevin R. Kritsch, Bede and the Future edited by Peter Darby and Faith Wallis
Matthew A Rothaus Moser, Dante’s Sacred Poem: Flesh and the Centrality of the Eucharist to the Divine Comedy by Sheila J. Nayar
Timothy Rosendale, Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England by Brooke Conti
David Norton, The King James Bible Across Borders and Centuries edited by Angelica Duran
Ethan John Guagliardo, The Body in Mystery: The Political Theology of the Corpus Mysticum in the Literature of Reformation England by Jennifer Rust
Erik Larsen, The Weight of All Flesh: On the Subject-Matter of Political Economy by Eric L. Santner and edited by Kevis Goodman

Jonathan Beecher Field, Sympathetic Puritans: Calvinist Fellow Feeling in Early New England by Abram Van Engen
Brian Yothers, The Altar at Home: Sentimental Literature and Nineteenth-Century American Religion by Claudia Stokes
Richard Hughes Gibson, Imagined Spiritual Communities in Britain’s Age of Print by Joshua King
Michael O’Neill, Emily Bronte and the Religious Imagination by Simon Marsden
James M. Van Wyck, Re-writing Jesus: Christ in 20th-Century Fiction and Film by Graham Holderness
Thomas F. Haddox, Cosmic Defiance: Updike’s Kierkegaard and the Maples Stories by David Crowe
Sheila E. Jelen, The Politics of Jewishness in Contemporary World Literature: The Holocaust, Zionism and Colonialism by Isabelle Hesse


News and Events

Religion & Literature Lecture Series: George Corbett
Tue May 1, 2018; 5:00PM –  6:30PM

Our third and final talk in the Religion & Literature Lecture series will be presented by Dr. George Corbett, Lecturer in Theology, Imagination & the Arts at the University of St. Andrews. Please check back here for further information as the lecture approaches.
The Religion & Literature Lecture series is co-sponsored by the Religion & Literature Initiative at the University of Notre Dame and by Religion & Literature.

Religion & Literature Lecture Series: Lori Branch, "Dracula's Sacramental Prosaics and the Remains of Religion in Modernity"
Wed Mar 7, 2018; 6:00PM –  7:30PM

Our second talk in the Religion & Literature Lecture series is by Lori Branch, Associate Professor of English at the University of Iowa. Prof. Branch will be speaking on “_Dracula_’s Sacramental Prosaics and the Remains of Religion in Modernity.”
The Religion & Literature Lecture series is co-sponsored by the Religion & Literature Initiative at the University of Notre Dame and by Religion & Literature.


Upcoming Issue (expected Spring 2018):

49.1, David Jones Special Issue

David Jones: Towards a Theology of History
Guest Edited by Jasmine Hunter Evans & Anna Svendsen

Tom Villis, “When was ‘The Break?’ David Jones and Catholic Ideas of Rupture in British History”
Jasmine Hunter Evans & Christine Pagnoulle, “‘The Agent’: Probing into Agency”
Ewan King, “Narrating Communion: Gwenhwyfar and the Encounter of Chronicle and Critical History”
Joseph Simmons, “David Jones’ Irenaean Theology of History”
Sarah Coogan, “‘You will furnish / that fatigue’: Typological Interpretation and David Jones’ Ambiguous Soldier”
Thomas Bromwell, “The Apocalyptic Paratext: The Frontispiece and Tailpiece to In Parenthesis
Adam Schwartz, “‘Getting into history’: The Great War and David Jones’s Memory”
John David Ramsey, “David Jones, Action, Anamnesis, and the Catholic Mass”
Francesca Brooks, “Liturgy, Performance, and Poetry of the Passion: David Jones and The Dream of the Rood
Robin D’Souza, “From Egalitarian to Sacramental Community: Re-writing William Morris’s Social Romance in David Jones’s In Parenthesis
Daniel Gustaffson, “The Making and Unmaking of History: Secular and Sacramental Approaches”
Jean Ward, “The Poet as ‘Rememberer’: Anamnesis in David Jones’s Language”
Paul Robichaud, “David Jones and the Archipelagic Past”
Thomas Berenato, “David Jones and the Ancient Mariner: A History of Forgiveness”
Elizabeth Powell, “The Quest for Sacrament in David Jones’ Poem, ’A, a, a, DOMINE DEUS

Also featuring Logos Colloquium II: Cambridge University, Summer 2016:
Laura Kilbride, “Introduction: On Logos”
Catherine Pickstock, “What does Othering Make? David Jones’s ‘A, a, a Domine Deus’”
Romana Huk, “Sacrament as ars and arse-poetica: Down-to-earth devotion in the poetry of David Jones (pursued through a reading of ‘A, a, a, Domine Deus’)”