Religion & Literature welcomes submissions of essays that consider the literature of any time or place in conjunction with important religious or theological issues that emerge from the literary text or that illuminate it. The journal is also open to receive essays in which theology is elucidated, extended or challenged by literature. No religious or theological perspective is excluded. However, all essays are expected to treat religion as a living confession, not simply as a cultural or ethical system.

Manuscripts should be between 6,500 and 10,000 words. For the most part, we follow the Chicago Manual of Style for citations and formatting; please see our house style sheet for a few specifications and modifications, the most important of which being that we request the inclusion of a full bibliography. The author’s name and contact information should not appear within the submitted work.

Our editorial policy assumes that this article has not been published elsewhere and that it is not currently being considered for publication at another journal. R&L does not accept unsolicited creative works, such as poetry, fiction, or translations. In general, such work will only appear in special issues at the invitation of the guest editor.

To submit, please send a short cover letter describing the project and its fitness for publication in Religion & Literature along with a pdf of the article formatted in R&L style and free of identifying markers to facilitate blind peer review to the managing editor:

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