Current Issue

Volume 45.3 (Autumn 2013)


William Junker, “Saint Benedict Among the Brambles: Eros, Ecstasy, and Grace in Gregory the Great and Foucault”

Christopher Knight, “Concerning the Unpredictable: Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Gate of Angels and the Challenges to Modern Religious Belief”

Stephen Platten, “‘They Know Earth Secrets’: Thomas Hardy’s Tortured Vocation”

Brian Walsh, “‘A Priestly Farewell’: The Catholic and Reformed in Pericles

William Penny,Materia poetica and the order of signs: A study of David Jones’s ‘The Anathemata’”

Joshua Pederson, “The Writer as Dervish: Sufism and Poetry in Orhan Pamuk”

Forum Essays

Romana Huck and Ailbhe Darcy, ed., forum, “Hospitable Forms: Post-Secular Thought in New-Century Poetics”

  • Romana Huck and Ailbhe Darcy, “Introduction”
  • Simon Jarvis, “Verse as Counter-Signage”
  • Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, “Poetry and the mystery”
  • Hank Lazer, “Hospitable Texts”
  • David Marriott, “‘The heat to bear’”
  • Norman Fischer, “Poetry and Faith”
  • Stephanie Strickland, “Joined at the Hip: Simone Weil, Quentin Meillassoux”
  • Sinéad Morrissey, “‘Republic of Instability’: Artifice, Death and the Afterlife in Mark Doty’s Murano
  • Fanny Howe, “After-Thoughts”