Current Issue

Volume 45.1 (Spring 2013)


William Franke, “Dante and the Secularization of Religion through Literature”

Victor Houliston, “The Violence of the Knowledge of God: John Donne and the Ordinance of Preaching”

Julien C. H. Smith, “‘You are my witnesses’: Walker Percy, Jacques Maritain and the Jews”

William F. Purcell, “Converting Culture: Reading Chinua Achebe’s ‘Marriage is a Private Affair’ in Light of Bernard Lonergan’s Theology of Conversion”

Caleb Caldwell, “Joy in Night: Witness and the Limits of Discourse in Seamus Heaney’s North

Forum Essays

Stephen M. Fallon and Karen Clausen-Brown, eds., forum, “Defining Religion in Milton”

  • Stephen M. Fallon and Karen Clausen-Brown, “Introduction”
  • Paul Stevens, “Literary Studies and the Turn to Religion: Milton Reading Badiou”
  • Tobias Gregory, “How Milton Defined Heresy and Why”
  • James Nohrnberg, “The Religion of Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost
  • Dustin D. Stewart, “Paradise Regain’d on Socinian Time”
  • Feisal G. Mohamed, “Milton Against Sacrifice”
  • Stephen M. Fallon, “Is Milton a Religious Writer?”