Current Issue

Randl Cover 47

Volume 47.2 (published summer 2016)


Mary Christian, “Bought with Silver: Victor Hugo, George Bernard Shaw, and the Economics of Salvation”

Susan Mizruchi, “The School of Martyrdom: Culture and Class in Catcher in the Rye”

Helena M. Tomko, “Muriel Spark’s The Girls of Slender Means at the Limits of the Catholic Novel”

Matthew L. Potts, “Their Ragged Biblical Forms: Materiality, Misogyny, and the Corporal Works of Mercy in Suttree”

Graley Herren, “Cosmological Metafiction: Gnosticism in Don DeLillo’s Libra”

Lynne W. Hinojosa, “John Ames as Historiographer: Pacifism, Racial Reconciliation, and Agape in Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead”