Current Issue

Volume 45.2 (Summer 2013)


David Ainsworth, “Milton’s Holy Spirit in De Doctrina Christiana

Jay David Miller, “‘Nature Hath a Voice’: John Woolman’s Wilderness _Habitas_”

Robert J. Patterson, “A Triple-Twined Re-appropriation: Womanist Theology and Gendered-Racial Protest in the Writings of Jarena Lee, Frances E. W. Harper, and Harriet Jacobs”

Christopher Douglas, “‘If God Meant to Interfere’: Evolution and Theology in Blood Meridian

Yael S. Feldman, “Isaac and Ishmael? The Sibling Challenge to Israel’s Oedipalized ‘Blinding’”

Forum Essays

Martin Dubois, ed., forum, “Gerard Manley Hopkins”

  • Martin Dubois, “Introduction”
  • Daniel Brown, “Hopkins’s Historicity”
  • Joseph Pizza, "Hopkins and the Catholic Imaginary
  • Summer J. Star, “The Obedient Mind of Gerard Manley Hopkins”
  • James Fill Cotter, “Hopkins and the Bible”
  • Meredith Martin, “Gerard Manley Hopkins and Sacred Language”
  • Duc Dau, “Hopkins and Bodies”
  • Frank Fennell, “Hopkins’s [New] Readers”