Current Issue

R L 47

Volume 47.1 (published spring 2016)


Gregory Foran, “Eschatology and Ecclesiology in Macbeth”

Richard Strier, “Mind, Nature, Heterodoxy, and Iconoclasm in The Winter’s Tale”

Charis Charalampous, “Thinking (of) Feelings in Donne’s Poetry: The Signifying Rift and ‘The Evidence of Things Not Seen’”

Travis DeCook, “The Extrinsic Bible: Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, Concepts of Scripture and The Question of Secularity”

Lucas Kwong, “Killing Alton: The Politics of Spiritual Autobiography in Alton Locke”

Loni Reynolds, “‘A Human Yet Dark Tribute to Life’: The Eucharist in the Work of Gregory Corso”

Forum: “Rethinking the Bible as Literature,” Edited by Emily A. Ransom with Peter S. Hawkins