Current Issue

Volume 46.1 (Winter 2014)


Jennifer Sisk, “Unauthorized Desire: Audience and Affect in St. Erkenwald and Lydgate’s St. Austin at Compton

Geoffrey Nash, “Aryan and Semite in Ernest Renan and Matthew Arnold’s Quest for the Religion of Modernity”

Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, “Brideshead Illustrated: The Sacred and Profane Aesthetics of Captain Charles Ryder”

Derek C. Hatch, “‘Even When Christ is Not Recognized’: The Thomistic Mediation of Divine Grace in The Violent Bear it Away

James Clements, “‘The Thing in the Box’: William Golding’s ‘Miss Pulkinhorn’ as Apophatic Literature”

Adam Glover, “Music, Poetry, and Eucharist”

Forum Essays

Roger Lundin, ed., forum, “Dickinson and Religion”

  • Roger Lundin, “Introduction”
  • James McIntosh, “Dickinson’s Kinetic Religious Imagination”
  • Roger Lundin, “The Tender Pioneer in the Prairies of the Air: Dickinson and the Differences of God”
  • Richard E. Brantley, “The Interrogative Mood of Emily Dickinson’s Quarrel with God”
  • Jane Donahue Eberwin, “‘A different God?’: Religious Revelations from Dickinson’s Holland Correspondence”
  • Victoria N. Morgan, “‘When Bells stop ringing’: Tracing Dickinson’s ‘Circumference’ Through the Tradition of the Praying Circle”
  • Linda Freedman, “‘And with what body do they come?’: Dickinson’s Resurrection”
  • Miho Nonaka, “Season of Eternity: The Resonance of Dickinson’s Poems in Japanese”
  • Thomas Gardner, “Dickinson, Calvin, and the Drama of Perception”