The journal’s forums offer reflections from a select group of contributors on a key issue or question in the field of religion and literature. Each forum is edited by an invited guest editor who invites contributions and manages the editing process. The following is a list of the journal’s forums and their editors:

"Irish American Literature" edited by Christopher Cusack (52.3-53.1)

"Angelic Poetry" edited by Felix Schmelzer (51.3-52.1) 

"Religion and Old English Literature" edited by Daniel Anlezark, Karl Persson, and Jacob Riyeff (51.1)

“Literature and the Reformation” edited by Richard A. Strier and Susannah Brietz Monta (49.3)

“The Postsecular Novel,” edited by Michael Kaufmann (41.3)

“Poetry and Devotion,” edited by Hannibal Hamlin (42.3)

“The Place of Islam in Contemporary European Literature,” edited by Catherine Perry and Alison Rice (43.1)

“Midrash and Literature,” edited by Alicia Ostriker (43.2)

Deceit, Desire, and the Novel Fifty Years Later—The Religious Dimension,” edited by Ann W. Astell and J. A. Jackson (43.3)

“New Directions in Religion and Literature Criticism of T. S. Eliot,” edited by Craig Woelfel and Dominic Manganiello (44.1)

“Walter J. Ong Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: A Special Centenary Forum,” edited by Sara J. van den Berg (44.2)

“‘Acknowledged Convictions’ and Ongoing Conversation: A Forum in Response to Religion & Literature 42.1–2,” edited by Katy Wright-Bushman and Robin Kirkpatrick (44.3)

“Defining Religion in Milton,” edited by Stephen M. Fallon and Karen Clausen-Brown (45.1)

“Gerard Manley Hopkins,” edited by Martin Dubois (45.2)

“Hospitable Forms: Post-Secular Thought and New-Century Poetics,” edited by Romana Huk and Ailbhe Darcy (45.3)

“Emily Dickinson and Religion,” edited by Roger Lundin (46.1)

“Rethinking the Bible as Literature,” edited by Emily A. Ransom with Peter S. Hawkins (47.1)