Forthcoming Issue

Maria Tomasula Red Curtain

Two new issues forthcoming this fall:

Volume 49.2 (expected Fall 2018):

Featuring five articles:
Micael M. Clarke, “Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone, Anti-Imperialism, and the Emergence of a Secular Modernity”
Yuri Corrigan, “Comparative Demonologies: Dostoevsky and Ferrante on the Boundaries of the Self”
Jason Lewallen, “Secular Conversion: La Nausee as Formative Fiction”
Marcel Decoste, “This Is My Body: The Saving Knowledge of Suffering Flesh in Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood
Rebecca Styler, “Josephine Butler, Esoteric Christianity, and the Biblical Motherhood of God”

Also featuring a transcript of the conference “Grace in Question: Art, Act, and Awkwardness,” held at the University of Cambridge and the Notre Dame Global Gateway in London, October 2016.

Including a Forum “On Grace and Poetry,” edited by L. M. Kilbride and Ryan Pepin
Simone Kotva, “The Line of Resistance: Ravaisson and Bergson”
Christian Coppa, “Supplicating in Agony and Praise: Anne Vaughan Lock and the Case of the Sinner’s ‘Crye’”
L. M. Kilbride, “‘What I do is Me’: On Grace and Sprung Rhythm”
Elizabeth Powell, “Grace-Inflected Forms in David Jones’s The Sleeping Lord and Other Fragments
Jack Bellioli, “Bruno Latour and R. F. Langley: a graced encounter”
Ryan Pepin, “‘ET USQUE AD NUBES VERITAS TUA’: Grace and Voice in the Marriage Song”

And featuring an expanded version of the 2017 Religion & Literature Lecture, “Grace, & the Spiritual Reach of Representation,” delivered by Hank Lazer

Volume 49.3 (also expected Fall 2018):

Featuring five articles:
Joseph Twist, “Between Resurrection and Insurrection: Jesus and the ‘Deconstruction of Monotheism’ in ‘Von der Zärtlichkeit’ by Navid Kermani and ‘ich, jesus von nazareth’ by SAID
Avram Alpert, “Buddhism between Worlds: Contested Liberations in Kipling, Salinger, and Head”
Leyla Ozgur Alhassen, “A Narratological Analysis of the Story of Ibrāhīm in the Qur’ān: Faith, Family, Fathers and Forefathers”
Joshua Taft, “John Henry Newman’s Metrical Experiments”
Christopher Maslanka, “What art Thou?’ Spiritual Identity and Category Confusion in The South English Legendary’s Life of Saint Christopher”

And featuring a forum on “Literary Impacts of the Reformation” edited by Susannah Monta and Richard Strier