Forthcoming Issue

Double Issue: Volume 50.1 & 2 (expected Fall 2019):

Featuring eight articles:
Andrew Ball, “‘Christianity Incorporated’: Sinclair Lewis and the Taylorization of American Protestantism”
David Troupes, “Ted Hughes and the Biological Fall”
Brent Little, “Analogical Language and Religious Ritual in C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces”
Eric Tippin, “G. K. Chesterton Essaying Myth”
Anthony Patterson, “Mary Cholmondeley’s Struggle Towards the Higher Life: Diffuse Christianity, Gender, and Writing in Red Pottage (1899)”
Duc Dau, “Michael Field’s Poetry and Life-Writing: Death (Human and Canine), Conversion, and the Song of Songs”
Claudia Hauer, “Flannery O’Connor and Martin Heidegger: Scientism and Sin in The Violent Bear It Away”
Joshua Pederson, “Dangerous God, Sacred Work: Ned Cobb’s Theology”