50.1-2 (Spr.-Sum. 2018) to current


Spring 2020 (published Summer 2020)


Gabriel Rieger, "'Give me your hand and say you will be mine': Containing Catholicism in Thomas Middleton’s Measure for Measure"

Asher Gelzer-Govatos, "'A Sensuous Embodiment': Sacramental Poetics in T. S. Eliot’s Ariel Poems"

Patricia Patrick, "'You learn me Noble Thankfulness': Restoring a Graceful Cycle of Giving and Receiving in Much Ado About Nothing"

Jarica Linn Watts, "Of Dashes, Gashes, and Wounds: Radclyffe Hall and the Medieval Devotion of 'Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself'"

Mary Jo Kietzman, "Othello: Shakespeare’s Realistic Samson"

Christina Iluzada, "How to Respond to New Atheists: Learning How to View the Material World, Knowledge, and Mystery from Seventeenth-Century Poet Lucy Hutchinson"

Book Reviews

David Torollo on Dominion Built of Praise: Panegyric and Legitimacy Among Jews in Medieval Mediterranean by Jonathan Decter

Noëlle Phillips on Piers Plowman and the Poetics of Enigma: Riddles, Rhetoric, and Theology by Curtis A. Gruenler

Norm Klassen on God’s Patients: Chaucer, Agency, and the Nature of Laws by John Bugbee

Richard C. McCoy on Sacred and Secular Transactions in the Age of Shakespeare edited by Katherine Steele Brokaw and Jay Zysk

Elizabeth Fenton on Susanna Rowson: Sentimental Prophet of Early American Literature by Steven Epley

Richard E. Brantley on Church in the Wild: Evangelicals in Antebellum America by Brett Malcolm Grainger

Octavian Gabor on Dostoevsky and the Riddle of the Self by Yuri Corrigan

Stephen Prickett on Scotland’s Forgotten Treasure: The Visionary Romances of George MacDonald by Colin Manlove

Terry Gifford on Ted Hughes and Christianity by David Troupes

Maeera Y. Shreiber on Like a Dark Rabbi: Modern Poetry and the Jewish Literary Imagination by Norman Finkelstein

Maxwell Kennel on Queering Mennonite Literature: Archives, Activism, and the Search for Community by Daniel Shank Cruz

Sara Judy on Of Women Borne: A Literary Ethics of Suffering by Cynthia R. Wallace


51.3-52.1 Angels and Moderns (published Winter 2020)​​​​​​

Autumn 2019 (published Winter 2020)


Stephanie Gehring, “Attention, Avoidance, and Tragedy: What Simone Weil Could Have Said About King Lear if She Had Read Stanley Cavell”

Caleb D. Spencer, “Postsecular Conversions: From Traveling Mercies to Fight Club

Jonathan McGregor, “Black Medievalism: Claude McKay's Late Catholic Poetry"

M. Genevieve West, “Sin and Salvation: Marita Bonner's Early Explorations of Christian Theology"

Robert William Rix, “Divine Improvisations: J. J. G. Wilkinson and Automatic Writing”

Harrison Dietzman, “‘Faith’ is a fine invention”: Emily Dickinson’s Critique of Empiricism"         

Philip Irving Mitchell, "The Excessive Event: Four British Church Dramas (1934-1951) and the Phenomenology of the Communion of the Saints"

Forum: Angelic Poetry 

Felix Schmelzer, "Introduction"

Michael D. Hurley, "The Fate of Angels in the Nineteenth Century"

Felix Schmelzer, "Feathery Traces: The (Dis)appearance of the Angel in the Work of Mallarmé"

Juan Eduardo Carreño, "Can a Poet Talk with Angels? An Answer from Medieval Angelology"

Dominique de Courcelles, "The Struggle with the Angel"

Romana Huk, "Postmodern Angels"

Book Review Essay

Cyril O'Regan, "The Lure of Literature and Mysticism in Modern Jewish Thought"

Book Reviews

Caroline Gruenbaum on The Andalusi Literary and Intellectual Tradition: The Role of Arabic in Judah ibn Tibbon’s Ethical Will by Sarah J. Pearce

Richard Fahey on Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church by Richard Firth Green

Kristen Poole on Performance and Religion in Early Modern England: Stage, Cathedral, Wagon, Street by Matthew J. Smith

Claire Falck on Milton and the Burden of Freedom by Warren Chernaik

Giada Pizzoni on The Papist Represented: Literature and the English Catholic Community, 1688-1791 by Geremy Carnes

Gary M. Ciuba on Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence by Jessica Hooten Wilson

Michael W. Higgins on Fate and Freedom in the Novels of David Adams Richards by Sara MacDonald and Barry Craig

Kristine Larsen on Editing the Soul: Science and Fiction in the Genome Age by Everett Hamner



Summer 2019 (published Summer 2020)


Jonathan A. Cook, “’An Endless Sermon’: Religious Motifs in Melville’s Letters to Hawthorne”

Elizabeth C. Culhane, “Hearing Absence: Shusaku Endo’s Silence and the Dark Night of the Soul”

Melissa Schubert, “Milton Against Humility?: Milton’s Paradise Epics and the Poetics of Humility”

Charles Andrews, “Christian Pacifism and Literary Witness: The Political Theology of Vera Brittain’s Born 1925

Kristen Drahos, “Nailed and Aflame: Annie Dillard’s Bonaventurian Mysticism”

Book Reviews

David Marno on Poetic Relations: Intimacy and Faith in the English Reformation by Constance M. Furey

Gary Waller on Queen of Heaven: The Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin in Early Modern English Writing by Lilla Grindlay

Matthew J. Smith on The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology by Paul Cefalu

C. Michael Hawn on The Hymnal: A Reading History by Christopher N. Phillips

Jennifer G. Jesse on The Evangelical Party and Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Return to the Church of England by Christopher W. Corbin

Jeanne Campbell Reesman on Continuing Bonds with the Dead: Parental Grief and Nineteenth-Century American Authors by Harold K. Bush

Michael P. Federici on Sectarianism and Orestes Brownson in the American Religious Marketplace by Ángel Cortés

Stephen Tardif on Faith in Poetry: Verse Style as a Mode of Religious Belief by Michael D. Hurley

Jessica Swoboda on Virginia Woolf and Christian Culture by Jane de Gay

Justin Watson on The Wounded Angel: Fiction and the Religious Imagination by Paul Lakeland

Devin Brown on C. S. Lewis’s List: The Ten Books That Influenced Him Most edited by David Werther and Susan Werther

Darryl Jones on America’s Dark Theologian: The Religious Imagination of Stephen King edited by Douglas E. Cowan


Spring 2019 (published Spring 2020)


Kelly Budruweit, “Women’s Religions in The Mists of Avalon: Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Postsecular Fantasy”
Laura H. Clarke, “Religion as Idea and Form: The Problem of Epistemology in Robert Browning’s ‘Bishop Blougram’s Apology' and Red Cotton Night-Cap Country
Andrew Hoogheem,“Neither Anglican nor Female: Androgyny, True Religion, and The Towers of Trebizond
Matĕj Král, “God, Emperor, and the ‘Disadvantages of Such Great Empires’: An Essay on Franz Kafka”
Nicholas O. Pagan, “Returning to Georges Poulet: Literature, Spiritual Intimacy, and Faith”

Forum: “Religion and Old English Literature,” edited by Daniel Anlezark, Karl Persson, and Jacob Riyeff

Daniel Anlezark, Karl Persson, and Jacob Riyeff, “‘Soð bið swicolost:’ Religion & Old English Literature”  
Karen Louise Jolly, “Bridges and Islands” 
Ben Reinhard, “The Old English Gloria and the Mystery of Creation”
Jill Frederick, “‘Uton We Hycgan Hwær We Ham Agen’: An Uncertain Christian in the Classroom” 
Daniel Anlezark, “Living on the Past”
Jacob Riyeff, “'To þæm stræcstum mynstermonna cynne ȝecyrren': Learning From Monastics on Either Side of a Millennium” 
Bret Roscoe, “The Sacramental View of the World in the Old English Wisdom Poetry” 
Rachel Kessler, “'Ic eom wunderlicu wiht': Discovering Creation as Sacrament in the Exeter Book Riddles” 

Book Reviews

Ashleigh Elser on On Biblical Poetry by F.W. Dobbs-Allsopp
E.J. Hutchinson on The Baptized Muse: Early Christian Poetry as Cultural Authority by Karla Pollmann
Daniel M. Murtaugh on Piers Plowman and the Books of Nature by Rebecca Davis
Scott F. Crider on  Loving Justice, Living Shakespeare by Regina Mara Schwartz
Nandra Perry on Conflicts of Devotion: Liturgical Poetics in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England by Daniel R. Gibbons
Elizabeth Hodgson on Death Be Not Proud: The Art of Holy Attention by David Marno
Dwight Lindley on Ascent: Philosophy and Paradise Lost by Tzachi Zamir
J. Columcille Dever on The Vision of the Soul: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Western Tradition by James Matthew Wilson
Ryan David Furlong on Religion of the Field Negro: On Black Secularism and Black Theology by Vincent W. Lloyd
Paul E. Kerry on C.S. Lewis and His Circle: Essays and Memoirs from the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society edited by Roger White, Judith Wolfe, and Brendan N. Wolfe
Jahdiel Perez on God Mocks: A History of Religious Satire from the Hebrew Prophets to Stephen Colbert by Terry Lindvall


Autumn 2018 (published Autumn 2019​​​)


Rowan Williams, “‘Relieved by Prayer’: Power, Shame, and Redemption in Shakespeare’s Drama”
Kristina Hochwender, “Illumination: Harold Frederic’s American Clerical Novel”
Joseph Simmons, “Poetic Judgment and the Music of the Spheres”
Kevin Ashenbach, “Thy Speech Serves for Authority”: From Personal Fantasy to Personal Encounter in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night"
Jo Carruthers, “’Esther Summerson’s Biblical Judgment: Queen Esther and the Fallen Woman in Bleak House
William Coker, “Fake your own Death: Mock-Suicide and the End of Identity in Jean Paul and Zizek”

Book Reviews

Sheila E. Jelen on Moses: A Human Life by Avivah Gottleib Zornberg
G. E. M. Lippiatt on The Knight, the Cross, and the Song: Crusade Propaganda and Chivalric Literature, 1100-1400 by Stefan Vander Elst
Ellen K. Rentz on The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages by Mary Dzon
James H. Morey on The Middle English Bible: A Reassessment by Henry Ansgar Kelly
Christopher Flynn on Transatlantic Trio: Empiricism, Evangelicalism, Romanticism: Essays and Reviews 1974-2017 by Richard E. Brantley
Sean Nolan on Coleridge and Contemplation edited by Peter Cheyne
Timothy Marr on The Islamic Lineage of American Literary Culture: Muslim Sources from the Revolution to Reconstruction by Jeff Einboden
Megan Lease on Principle and Propensity: Experience and Religion in the Nineteenth-Century British and American Bildungsroman by Kelsey L. Bennett
Joshua Mabie on Visionary of the Word: Melville and Religion edited by Jonathan A. Cook and Brian Yothers
Nikhil Gupta on James Joyce and Catholicism: The Apostate’s Wake by Chrissie Van Mierlo
Vincent Lloyd on Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Theology by M. Cooper Harriss
Beth Sutherland on Poetry and Revelation: For a Phenomenology of Religious Poetry by Kevin Hart

50.1-2, Double Issue

Spring-Summer 2018 (published Summer 2019)


Andrew Ball, “‘Christianity Incorporated’: Sinclair Lewis and the Taylorization of American Protestantism”
David Troupes, “Ted Hughes and the Biological Fall”
Brent Little, “Analogical Language and Religious Ritual in C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces
Eric Tippin, “G. K. Chesterton Essaying Myth”
Anthony Patterson, “Mary Cholmondeley’s Struggle Towards the Higher Life: Diffuse Christianity, Gender, and Writing in Red Pottage (1899)”
Duc Dau, “Michael Field’s Poetry and Life-Writing: Death (Human and Canine), Conversion, and the Song of Songs”
Claudia Hauer, “Flannery O’Connor and Martin Heidegger: Scientism and Sin in The Violent Bear It Away
Joshua Pederson, “Dangerous God, Sacred Work: Ned Cobb’s Theology”

Book Reviews

Melinda Nielsen on Consolation in Medieval Narrative: Augustinian Authority and Open Form by Chad D. Schrock
Erin Minear on Staging Harmony: Music and Religious Change in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Drama by Katherine Steele Brokaw
Martin Moraw on Violence and Grace: Exceptional Life between Shakespeare and Modernity by Nichole E. Miller
Maurice Hunt on Volition’s Face: Personification and the Will in Renaissance Literature by Andrew Escobedo
Andrew Lincoln on The Religion of Empire: Political Theology in Blake’s Prophetic Symbolism by G. A. Rosso
Tae Sung on Emerson’s Metaphysics: A Song of Laws and Causesby Joseph Urbas
Jefferson Gatrall on Unorthodox Beauty: Russian Modernism and Its New Religious Aesthetic by Martha M. F. Kelly
Grant Henley on Making Sacrifices: Visions of Sacrifice in European and American Cultures edited by Nicholas Brooks and Gregor Thuswaldner
L. M. Kilbride on Poetic Revelations: The Power of the Word III edited by Mark S. Burrows, Jean Ward, and Malgorzata Grzegorzewska
Christina Bieber Lake on The Forsaken Son: Child Murder and Atonement in Modern American Fiction by Joshua Pederson
Todd Edmondson on Cormac McCarthy and the Signs of Sacrament: Literature, Theology, and the Moral of Stories by Matthew L. Potts
Isabelle Hesse on Third-Generation Holocaust Representation: Trauma, History, and Memory by Victoria Aarons and Alan L. Berger