25.1 (Spr. 1993) - 29.3 (Aut. 1997)

29.3 (Published Autumn 1997)


Emily E. Stockard, “’Transposed to Form and Dignity’: Christian Folly and the Subversion of Hierarchy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Catharine Randall, “The ‘Protestants’ Progress’: Reading Reformed Travel Literature in Early Modern France”
Steven Shankman, “Participation and Reflective Distance: The End of Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey and the Resistance to Doctrine”

Book Reviews

Ann Astell on:

Eds. David Aers and Lynn Staley, The Powers of the Holy: Religion, Politics, and Gender in Late Medieval English Culture
Thomas H. Bestul’s Texts of the Passion: Latin Devotional Literature and Medieval Society

Celestin J. Walby on:

Dennis Flynn’s John Donne and the Ancient Catholic Nobility

Mary Katherine Tillman on:

Thomas K. Carr’s Newman and Gadamer: Toward a Hermeneutics of Religious Knowledge
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe’s Two Poets of the Oxford Movement: John Keble and John Henry Newman
David Goslee’s Romanticism and the Anglican Newman

Ranen Omer on:

Trans. Marc-Alain Ouaknin and Llewellyn Brown, The Burnt Book: Reading the Talmud

James Williams on:

Robert Detweiler’s Breaking the Fall: Religious Readings of Contemporary Fiction and Uncivil Rites: American Fiction, Religion, and the Public Sphere

Book Notices

David Williams, Deformed Discourse: The Function of the Monster in Medieval Thought and Literature
Ed. Alonzo Johnson and Paul Jerslid, “Ain’t Gonna Lay My ‘Ligion Down’”: African-American Religion in the South
Ed. Morny Joy, Paul Ricoeur and Narrative: Context and Contestation
Brian D. Ingraffia, Postmodern Theory and Biblical Theology: Vanquishing God’s Shadow


29.2 (Published Summer 1997)


Donald Capps, “Newman’s Truth”
Joseph Zornado, “A Becoming Habit: Flannery O’Connor’s Fiction of Unknowing”
David K. Danow, “Epiphany and Apocalypse in Holocaust Writing: Aharon Appelfeld”

Book Reviews

Gerald L. Bruns on:

David Stern’s Midrash and Theory: Ancient Jewish Exegesis and Contemporary Literary Studies

Dolores Warwick Frese on:

Carole Slade’s St. Teresa of Avila: Author of a Heroic Life

Andrew J. McKenna on:

Sandor Goodhart’s Sacrificing Commentary: Reading the End of Literature
David Lyle Jeffrey’s People of the Book: Christian Identity and Literary Culture

Book Notices

Ernst Behler, German Romantic Literary Theory
Dorothy Huff Oberhaus, Emily Dickinson’s Fascicles: Method and Meaning
Eli Ben-Joseph, Aesthetic Persuasion: Henry James, the Jews, and Race
Joseph Pearce, Wisdom and Innocence: A Life of G.K. Chesterton
Jacob Korg, Ritual and Experiment in Modern Poetry


29.1 (Published Spring 1997)


Walter L. Reed, “Soul-Making: Art, Therapy, and Theology in Keats, Hillman, and Bakhtin”
Fatemeh Keshavarz, “The Call to Prayer from the Cypress Tree: Modernity and Redefining the Spiritual in Persian Poetry”
Maurice Friedman, “Paul Celan and Martin Buber: The Poets of Dialogue and The Eclipse of God
Peter C. Brown, “Negative Capability and the Mystery of Hope in Malamud’s ‘The First Seven Years’”

Book Reviews

J.T. Scanlan on:

J.C.D. Clark’s Samuel Johnson: Literature, Religion, and English Literature from the Restoration to Romanticism
G.H. Pittock’s Poetry and Jacobite Politics in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland
Donald Davie’s The Eighteenth-Century Hymn in England

Thomas A. Vogler on:

Jonathan Lamb’s The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century

Roger Lundin on:

David M. Robinson’s Emerson and the Conduct of Life: Pragmatism and Ethical Purpose in the Later Work
Irena S.M. Makarushka’s Religious Imagination and Language in Emerson and Nietzsche
Susan L. Roberson’s Emerson in His Sermons: A Man-Made Self

Book Notices

Christopher Baswell, Virgil in Medieval England: Figuring the Aeneid from the Twelfth Century to Chaucer
Golda Werman, Milton and Midrash
John D. Barbour, Versions of Deconversion: Autobiography and the Loss of Faith


28.2-3, The Endless Knot: Literature and Religion in Ireland, Double Issue (Published Summer-Autumn 1996)


Tom Duddy, “Derrida and the Druids: Writing, Lore, and Power in Early Celtic Society”
David Wheatley, “Three Supernatural Lyrics”
Terry Eagleton, “The Irish Sublime”
Theo Dorgan, “Poems”
Tadhg Ó Dúshláine, “Going for Baroque: The Irish Spiritual Reformation: 1600-1800”
Sinéad Morrissey, “Restoration”
Joseph Spence, “Allegories for a Protestant Nation: Irish Tory Historical Fiction, 1820-1850”
Eva Bourke, “From To the Distributor of Souls
W.J. McCormack, “The ‘Plymouth’ Brethren? Prolegomena to the Re-writing of J.M. Synge’s Biography”
Aine Miller, “Poems”
Robert Welch, “Sacrament and Significance: Some Reflections on Religion and the Irish”
Alan Titley, “Parables”
Norman Vance, “Catholic and Protestant Literary Visions of ‘Ulster’: Now You See It, Now You Don’t”
Eamonn Hughes, “’Town of Shadows’: Representations of Belfast in Recent Fiction”
Bernard O’Donoghue, “Poems”
Anne McCartney, “’The Impact of Reality’: Francis Stuart’s Narrative Theology”


28.1 (Published Spring 1996)


David Jasper, “The Death and Rebirth of Religious Language”
David Goslee, “Arnold and the Hero-Worship of Jesus”
Christopher J. Knight, “George Steiner’s Religion of Abstraction”
Christopher Wise, “Qur’anic Hermeneutics, Sufism, and Le Devoir de Violence: Yambo Ouologeum as Marabout Novelist”

Book Reviews

Benedict O. Ushedo on:

David Jasper’s Readings in the Canon of Scripture: Written for Our Learning

Pheme Perkins on:

Ed. Walter J. Ong, SJ. Thomas J. Farrell and Paul A. Soukup, Faith and Contexts. Volume Three: Further Essays 1952-1990

Doug Thorpe on:

E.P. Thompson’s Witness Against the Beast: William Blake and the Moral Law
Jeanne Moskal’s Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness

Erskine Peters on:

Dolan Hubbard’s The Sermon and the African American Literary Imagination
Kimberly Rae Connor’s Conversions and Visions in the Writings of African-American Women

Book Notices

Ann Astell, Job, Boethius, and Epic Truth
Robert D. Richardson, Jr., Emerson: The Mind on Fire
Carol J. Singley, Edith Wharton: Matters of Mind and Spirit
Frederick K. Lang, Ulysses and the Irish God


27.3 (Published Autumn 1995)


William Kamowski, “Saint Erkenwald and then Inadvertent Baptism: An Orthodox Response to Heterodox Ecclesiology”
Didier Bertrand, “Order and Chaos in Paradise: Colonial and ‘Postcolonial’ Constructions of Regious Identity through the Robinson Crusoe Story”
John Sykes, “The Imperior Castaway: Walker Percy on Guilt and the Self”
Stephen R. Haybes, “Footsteps of Ann Hutchinson and Frederick Buechner: A Religious Reading of John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany

Book Reviews

Stephen M. Fallon on:

Gale H. Carrithers, Jr. and James D. Hardy, Jr.’s Milton and the Hermeneutic Journey
Dayton Haskin’s Milton’s Burden of Interpretation
Michael Lieb’s Milton and the Culture of Violence
Jason P. Rosenblatt’s Torah and Law in Paradise Lost

Amy Hollywood on:

Ruth Y. Jenkins’ Reclaiming Myths of Power: Women Writers and the Victorian Spiritual Crisis
Kathryn Bond Stockton’s God Between Their Lips: Desire Between Women in Iragaray, Brontë, and Eliot

David McCarthy Matzko on:

Ed. Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller, Jr., and Jeffrey Paul, Cultural Pluralism and Moral Knowledge
Ian S. Markham’s Plurality and Christian Ethics
Zygmunt Bauman’s Postmodern Ethics

Book Notices

Linda Munk, The Trivial Sublime: Theology and American Poetics
Ed. Richard Gameson, The Early Medieval Bible: Its Production, Decoration and Use


27.2 (Published Summer 1995)


Rodney Stenning Edgecombe, “Typology and After: A Taxonomy of Variants”
Stephen H. Webb, “The Rhetoric of and about Excess in William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience
Richard Giannone, “Flannery O’Connor Tells Her Desert Story”
Harry Walsh, “Christian-Pagan Syncretism in Russian ‘Ruralist’ Prose”

Book Reviews

Sydney Stoyan on:

Ruth Roberts’ The Biblical Web
Alicia Suskin Ostriker’s The Nakedness of the Fathers: Biblical Visions and Revisions

Maureen Boulton on:

Evelyn Birge Vitz’s Medieval Narrative and Modern Narratology: Subjects and Objects of Desire
Douglas Kelly’s The Art of Medieval French Romance

Carol Slade on:

Denise Nowakowski Baker’s Julian of Norwich’s Showings: From Vision to Book
Lynn Staley’s Margery Kempe’s Dissenting Fictions
Elizabeth Alvilda Petroff’s Body and Soul: Essays on Medieval Women and Mysticism

Book Notices

Christine L. Krueger, The Reader’s Repentance: Women Preachers, Women Writers, and Nineteenth-Century Soical Discourse
Kathleen Henderson Staudt, At the Turn of a Civilization: David Jones and Modern Poetics
Nathan A. Scott, Jr., Visions of Presence in Modern American Poetry
Michael Eric Dyson, Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X


27.1 Special Issue on African-American Literature (Published Spring 1995)


Historical Recovery

  • Frances Smith Foster and Chanta Haywood, “Christian Recordings: Afro-Protestantism, Its Press, and the Production of African-American Literature”

  • Joycelyn K. Moody, “On the Road with God: Travel and Quest in Early Nineteenth-Century African-American Holy Women’s Narratives”

Modern Literature

  • Joseph A. Brown, SJ, “I, John, Saw the Holy Number: Apocalyptic Visions in Go Tell It on the Mountain and Native Son

  • Carol Henderson, “Knee Bent, Body Bowed: Re-Memory’s Prayer of Spiritual Re(new)al in Baldwin’s Go Tell It on the Mountain

The Civil Rights Era and Its Aftermath

  • Interview with Michael Eric Dyson, “Self-Reinvention, Spiritual Uplift, and The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X”
  • Paulette Brown-Hinds, “In The Spirit: Dance as Healing Ritual in Paule Marshall’s Praisesong for the Widow

  • Danielle Taylor-Guthrie, “Who Are the Beloved? Old and New Testaments, Old and New Communities of Faith”

Note: this special issue did not include book reviews


26.3 (Published Autumn 1994)


Michael Vander Weele, “Mother and Child in Paradiso 27”
Daniel Dombrowski, “Kazantzakis and the New Middle Ages”
Karl Martin, “Flannery O’Connor’s Prophetic Imagination”
Jean Sulivan (Joseph Cunneen, trans.), “Minor Writers / Authentic Words”

Book Reviews

Ralph C. Wood on:

Jon Lance Bacon’s Flannery O’Connor and Cold War Culture
Ruthann Knechel Johansen’s The Narrative Secrete of Flannery O’Connor: The Trickster as Interpreter
Anthony Di Renzo’s American Gargyles: Flannery O’Connor and the Medieval Grotesque

Book Notices

Margaret J. M. Ezell, Writing Women’s Literary History
Rudolph Binion, Love Beyond Death: The Anatomy of a Myth
Ann-Janine Morey, Religion and Sexuality in American Literature
Jean M. Humez, Mother’s First-Born Daughters: Early Shaker Writings on Women and Religion
Adrian Ceasar, Taking It Like a Man. Suffering, Sexuality, and the War Poets: Brooke, Sassoon, Owen, Graves
Daniel Schenker, Wyndham Lewis, Religion and Modernism
Roger Lundin, The Culture of Interpretation: Christian Faith and the Postmodern World


26.2 (Published Summer 1994)


William Franke, “Dante’s Hermeneutic Rite of Passage: Inferno 9”
Michael J. Colacurcio, “Puritans in Spite”
Terence R. Wright, “The Letter and the Spirit: Deconstructing Renan’s Life of Jesus and the Assumption of Modernity”
Walter J. Ong, SJ, “Mimesis and the Following of Christ”

Book Reviews

Jacqueline Vaught Brogan on:

Alicia Suskin Ostriker’s Feminist Revision and the Bible
Ilana Pardes’s Countertraditions in the Bible: A Feminist Approach

Joseph Cunneen on:

Robert McAfee Brown’s Persuade Us to Rejoice: The Liberating Power of Fiction
Bernard Harrison’s Inconvenient Fictions: Literature and the Limits of Theory
Frank Burch Brown’s Religious Aesthetics

Mary Gerhart on:

Mieke Bal’s Reading “Rembrandt”: Beyond the Word-Image Opposition
Ed. James H. Sanford, William R. LaFleur, and Masatoshi Nagatomi, Flowing Traces: Buddhism in the Literary and Visual Arts of Japan
Sabine MacCormack’s Religion in the Andes: Vision and Imagination in Early Colonial Per

Book Notices

Robert Con Davis, The Paternal Romance: Reading God-the-Father
Mary Theresa Kyne, S.C., Country Parsons, Country Priests: George Herbert and Gerard Manley Hopkins as Spiritual Autobiographers
Gloria Flaherty, Shamanism and the Eighteenth Century
Douglas Thorpe, A New Earth: The Labor of Language in Pearl, Herbert’s Temple, and Blake’s Jerusalem
Edwin Sill Fussell, The Catholic Side of Henry James


26.1, Dancing at the Altar: American Indian Literature and Spirituality (Published Spring 1994)


Karl Kroeber, “Religion, Literary Art, and the Retelling of Myth”
Sandra Gustafson, “Nations of Israelites: Prophecy and Cultural Autonomy in the Writings of William Apess”
Joy Harjo, “Reconciliation, A Prayer”
Donelle R. Ruwe, “Weaving Stories for Food: an Interview with Joy Harjo”
Joy Harjo, “The Place the Musician Became a Bear on the Streets of a City”
Joy Harjo, “The Dawn Appears with Butterflies”
Linda Hogan, “A Different Yield”
Paula Gunn Allen, “Glastonbury Experience: Poem and Essay”
Gerald Vizenor, “Oshkiwiigan: Heartlines on the Trickster Express”
Susan Stanford Friedman, “Identity Politics, Syncretism, Catholicism, and Anishinabe Religion in Louise Erdrich’s Tracks
Alan R. Velie, “The Return of the Native: The Renaissance of Tribal Religions as Reflected in the Fictions of N. Scott Momaday”

25.3 (Published Autumn 1993)


John Schad, “’Hostage of the Word’: Poststructuralism’s Gospel Intertext”
Felicia Bonaparte, “Daniel Deronda: Theology in a Secular Age”
Brian Conniff, “Auden, Niebuhr, and the Vocation of Poetry”

Book Reviews

Ann E. Berthoff on:

Floyd Merrell’s Sign, Textuality, World
Frank M. Oppenheim’s Royce’s Mature Ethics
Henry Samuel Levinson’s Santayana, Pragmatism and the Spiritual Life

Alicia Ostriker on:

Diane Lichtenstein’s Writing Their Nations: The Tradition of Nineteenth-Century American Jewish Women Writers
Norma Rosen’s Accidents of Influence: Writing as a Woman and a Jew in America
Letty Cottin Pogrebin’s Deborah, Golda, and Me: Being Female and Jewish in America

Patricia A. Ward on:

Tobin Siebers’s The Ethics of Criticism
Ed. Clarence Walhout and Leland Ryken, Contemporary Literary Theory: A Christian Appraisal
Geoffrey Galt Harpham’s Getting It Right: Language, Literature, and Ethics

Krysztof Ziarek on:

Susan Handelman’s Fragments of Redemption: Jewish Thought and Literary Theory in Benjamin, Scholem, and Levinas
Edith Wyschogrod’s Saints and Postmodernism: Revisioning Moral Philosophy

Book Notices

Ruth Filmer, The Fiction of C.S. Lewis: Mask and Mirror
Northrop Frye, ed. Robert D. Denham, The Eternal Act of Creation: Essays, 1979-1990
Mary Gerhart, Genre Choices, Gender Questions
Luce Irigaray, trans. Gillian C. Gill, Sexes and Geneaologies
Ed. David Jasper and R.C.D. Jasper, Language and the Worship of the Church
Eleanor J. McNees, Eucharistic Poetry: The Search for Presence in the Poetry of John Donne, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Dylan Thomas and Geoffrey Hill
Ed. Wolf Z. Hirst, Byron, the Bible, and Religion


25.2, Violence, Difference, Sacrifice: Conversations on Myth and Culture in Theology and Literature (Published Summer 1993)


Rebecca Adams, “Violence, Difference, Sacrifice: A Conversation with René Girard”
Diana Culbertson, “Ain’t Nobody Clean: The Liturgy of Violence in Glory
Andrew McKenna, “Pascal, Order and Difference”
Rebecca Adams, “Myth and Culture in Theology and Literature: A Conversation with John S. Dunner, C.S.C.”
Edith Wyschogrod, “Killing the Cat: Beauty and Sacrifice in the Novels of Genet and Mishima”
David Jasper, “’The Old Man Would Not So, But Slew His Son’: A Theological Meditation on Artistic Representation of the Sacrifice of Isaac”


25.1 (Published Spring 1993)


William Kamowski, “The Sinner Against the Scoundrels: The Ills of Doctrine and ‘Shrift’ in the Wife of Bath’s, Friar’s and Summoner’s Narratives”
Sheila A. Spector, “Blake’s Milton as Kabbalistic Vision”
Christopher Wise, “The Whatness of Loulou: Allegories of Thomism in Flaubert”
Nancy Clasby, “Dancing Sophia: Rahner’s Theology of Symbols”

Book Reviews

Mary Gerhart on:

Hans Urs von Balthasar’s The Glory of the Lord: A Theological Aesthetics. Vol. 4. The Realm of Metaphysics in Antiquity
Hans Urs von Balthasar’s The Glory of the Lord: A Theological Aesthetics. Vol. 5. The Realm of Metaphysics in the Modern Age
Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Theo-Drama: Theological Dramatic Theory. Vol. 1. Prologomena
Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Theo-Drama: Theological Dramatic Theory. Vol. 2. Dramatis Personae: Man in God

Albert C. Labriola on:

Anna K. Nardo’s The Lucid Self in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
Michael C. Schoenfeldt’s Prayer and Power: George Herbert and Renaissance Courtship
Kate Gartner Frost’s Holy Delight: Typology, Numerology, and Autobiography in Donne’s Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions

Paul Messbarger on:

Paul Giles’s American Catholic Arts and Fictions: Culture, Ideology, Aesthetics
Anita Gandolfo’s Testing the Faith: The New Catholic Fiction in America

Joan Leonard on:

Rodney Stenning Edgecombe’s Vocation and Identity in the Fiction of Muriel Spark
Jennifer Lynn Randisi’s On Her Way Rejoicing: The Fiction of Muriel Spar

Book Notices

Stephen D. Moore, Mark and Luke in Poststructuralist Perspectives: Jesus Begins to Write
Judith N. Garde, Old English Poetry in Medieval Christian Perspective: A Doctrinal Approach