15.1 (Win. 1983)-19.3 (Aut. 1987)

Volume 19.3 (Autumn 1987)


  • Kinereth Meyer, “Visionary Poetry and Breaking of the Tablets”
  • Charles A. Huttar, “_Paradise Regained_, the Hermeneutical Circle, and Christian Anticipations of Post-Modern Theory
  • Sue Mitchell Crowley, “Mr. Blackmur’s Lowell: How Does Morality Got into Literature?”
  • Richard Grigg, “Language, the Other, and God: On Italo Cavino’s Last Novels

Book Reviews

Louis Dupré

Hans Urs von Balthasar, The Glory of the Lord, vols. I-III. Hans Urs von Balthasar

Robert Detweiler

Paul Ricoeur, Time and Narrative, vols. I-II.

John H. Yoder

René Girard, The Scapegoat

Robert Entzminger

Hugh MacCallum, Milton and the Sons of God: The Divine Image in Milton’s Poetry

Kathleen M. Swaim, Before and After the Fall: Contrasting Modes in Paradise Lost

Book Notices

David C. Fowler, The Bible in Middle English Literature

Volume 19.2 (Summer 1987)


  • Chaim Potok, “The Culture Highways We Travel”
  • H. Mark Roelofs, “George Orwell’s Obscured Utopia”
  • Donald Davie, “R. S. Thomas’s Poetry of the Church in Wales”
  • David Walsh, “Dostoevsky’s Discovery of the Christian Foundation of Politics”

Book Reviews

Michael Vander Weele

Hans-Georg Gadamer, The Relevance of the Beautiful and Other Essays

Kurt Mueller-Vollmer, ed., The Hermeneutics Reader: Texts of the German Tradition of the Enlightenment to the Present

Thomas R. Whitaker

David Daiches, God and the Poets: The Gifford Lectures. 1983

Eugene Webb

Thomas J. J. Altizer, History as Apocalypse

Mary Gerhart

Heinrich Böll, Frauen vor Flusslandschaft: Roman in Dialogen und Selbst Gerprachen

Heinrich Böll, A Soldier’s Legacy

Heinrich Böll, The Stories of Heinrich Böll

Heinrich Böll, What’s To Become of the Boy? or: Something To Do With Books

Book Notices

Katerina Clark and Michael Holquist, Mikhail Bakhtin

Amy Schrager Lang, Prophetic Women: Anne Hutchinson and the Problem of Dissent in the Literature of New England

Volume 19.1 (Spring 1987)


  • Duncan Robertson, “The Experience of Reading: Bernard of Clairvaux, Sermons on the Song of Songs, I”
  • Kathleen Verduin, “The Lord of Heroes: Hemingway and the Crucified Christ”
  • James Lindroth, “Simone Weil and Wallace Stevens: The Notion of Decreation as Subject in ‘An Ordinary Evening in New Haven’”
  • Catherine Brown Tkacz, “The Bible in Medieval Literature: A Bibliographic Essay on Basic and New Sources”

Book Reviews

Julia Bolston Holloway

Elizabeth Alvida Petroff, ed., Medieval Women’s Visionary Literature

Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias

Hildegard of Bingen, Illuminations

Abbess Hildegard of Bingen, A Feather on the Breath of God: Sequences and Hymns

John C. Meagher

C. A. Patrides and Joseph Wittreich, ed., The Apocalypse in English Renaissance Thought and Literature

James Walter

Louise Cowan, ed., The Terrain of Comedy

Volume 18.3 (Autumn 1986)


  • Elisa New, “Difficult Writing, Difficult God: Emily Dickinson’s Poems Beyond Circumference”
  • Rowena Revis Jones, “‘A Royal Seal’: Emily Dickinson’s Rite of Baptism”
  • Charles Isenberg, “Satan in Goray and Ironic Restitution”
  • Dianna Vitanza, “The Cloister and the Hearth: A Popular Response to the Oxford Movement”

Book Reviews

Edward J. Gallagher

Kenneth Silverman, The Life and Times of Cotton Mather

Mitchell Robert Breitwieser, Cotton Mather and Benjamin Franklin: The Price of Representative Personality

Martin Bidney

Richard E. Brantley, Locke, Wesley, and the Method of English Romanticism

Book Notices

Sara E. Melzer, Discourses of the Fall: A Study of Pascal’s Pensées.

Nathan A. Scott, Jr., The Poetics of Belief

Volume 18.2 (Summer 1986)


  • Dennis M. Welch, “’Cloth’d with human beauty’: Milton and Blake’s Incarnational Aesthetic”
  • Emily Archer, “‘Stalking Joy’: Flanner O’Connor’s Accurate Naming”
  • James E. Robinson, “Murder in the Cathedral as Theatre of the Spirit”
  • Michon Marie Matthiesen, “Narrative of Suffering: Complementary Reflections of Theological Anthropology in Johann Metz and Elie Weisel”

Book Reviews

Elena Malits, CSC

Anne Hunsaker Hawkins, Archetypes of Conversion: The Autobiographies of Augustine, Bunyan, and Merton

James S. Cutsinger

Anthony John Harding, Coleridge and the Inspired Word

David Jasper, Coleridge as Poet and Religious Thinker

Daniel C. Noel

Agnes McNeill Donohue, Hawthorne: Calvin’s Ironic Stepchild

William Hamilton, Melville and the Gods

Volume 18.1 (Spring 1986)


  • William E. Rogers, “Ricoeur and the Privileging of Texts: Scripture and Literature”
  • Carole Slade, “Saint Teresa’s Meditaciones sobre los Cantares
  • Joyce Lorraine Beck, “Denise Levertov’s Poetics and Oblique Prayers
  • Janine Langan, “Icon vs. Myth: Dostoevsky, Feminism, and Pornography”

Book Reviews

Paul Mariani

Milton J. Bates, Wallace Stevens: A Mythology of Self

David M. LaGuardia, Advance on Chaos: The Sanctifying Imagination of Wallace Stevens

Marylou Motto, Mined with a Motion: The Poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins

Joseph Wittreich

Mark Bracher, Being Form’d: Thinking Through Blake’s Milton

Jack R. May

Douglas Robinson, American Apocalypse: The Image of the End of the World in American Literature

Volume 17.3 (Autumn 17.3)


  • David Jasper, “The New Testament and Literary Interpretation”
  • Jeffrey A. Hammond, “‘Make Use of What I Leave in Love’: Anne Bradstreet’s Didactic Self”
  • Merrill Meguire Skaggs, “A Good Girl in Her Place: Cather’s Shadows on the Rock
  • Bernard Doering, “Jacques Maritain, George Bernanos, and Julien Green on the Mystery of Suffering”

Book Reviews

John J. McDonald

Robert Detweiler, ed., Art/Literature/Religion: Life on the Borders

Mark C. Taylor, Erring: A Postmodern A/theology

Anne Marie Mallon

Arthur F. Kinney, Flannery O’Connor’s Library: Resources of Being

Carter W. Martin, ed., The Presence of Grace and Other Book Reviews

Frederick Asals, Flannery O’Connor: The Imagination of Extremity

Marion Montgomery, Why Flanner O’Connor Stayed Home

Robert Coles, Flannery O’Connor’s South

Carol Shloss, Flannery O’Connor’s Dark Comedies: The Limits of Inference

Susan Dickman

Richard Kieckhefer, Unquiet Souls

Clarisse W. Atkinson, Mystic and Pilgrim: The Book and the World of Margery Kempe

Book Notices

Martha Tuck Rozett, The Doctrine of Election and the Emergence of Elizabethan Tragedy

Robert Reed, Jr., Crime and God’s Judgment in Shakespeare

Allen J. Frantzen, The Literature of Penance in Anglo-Saxon England

Volume 17.2 (Spring 1985)


  • Eric O. Springsted, “Contradiction, Mystery and Use of Words in Simone Weil”
  • Diogenes Allen, “George Herbert and Simone Weil”
  • John M. Dunaway, “Estrangement and the Need for Roots: Prophetic Visions of the Human Condition in Albert Camus and Simone Weil”
  • Ann Loades, “Eucharistic Sacrifice: Simone Weil’s Use of a Liturgical Metaphor”

Book Reviews

Anthony Low

Ira Clark, Christ Revealed: The History of the Neotypological Lyric in the English Renaissance

John Klause, The Unfortunate Fall: Theodicy and the Moral Imagination of Andrew Marvell

Richard Strier, Love Known: Theology and Experience in George Herbert’s Poetry

David Lavery

Annie Dillar, Living by Fiction

Annie Dillard, Teaching a Stone to Talk: Expeditions and Encounters

Annie Dillard, Encounters with Chinese Writers

Melita Schaum

Mark Krupnick, ed., Displacement: Derrida and After

Book Notices

Theodore Bogdanos, Pearl: Image of the Ineffable

Charles E. Pierce, Jr., The Religious Life of Johnson

William H. Robinson, Phillis Wheatley and her Writings

Giles Gunn, ed., The Bible and American Arts and Letters

Volume 17.1 (Spring 17.3)


  • Joseph A. Mazzeo, “Medieval Hermeneutics: Dante’s Poetic and Historicity”
  • Michael Vander Weele, “History, Irony and the Heavenly Phoenix of Interpretation”
  • Eugene Webb, “The Alchemy of Man and the Alchemy of God: The Alchemist as Cultural Symbol in Modern Thought”
  • Daniel M. McVeigh, “Coleridge’s Doctrine of the Imagination and the Enigmatic Name of God”

Book Reviews

Kathryn Hellerstein

Reinventing a Tradition

Thomas Dilworth

The Arts of David Jones

Diana Culbertson

Criticism, the Sacred Text

Douglas Thorpe

Re-vision and Transfiguration

Book Notices

Horton Davies, Catching the Conscience

Peter J. Schakel, Reason and Imagination in C. S. Lewis

Jan Karel Kouwenhoven, Apparent Narrative as Thematic Metaphor

Volume 16.3 (Autumn 1984)


  • Peter Allan Dale, “Heretical Narration: Charlotte Brontë’s Search for Endlessness”
  • David Falk, “Beyond the Volcano: The Religious Vision of Malcolm Lowry’s Late Fiction”
  • Robert E. Doud, “Placing Rahner, Interpreting Roethke”
  • Peter S. Hawkins, “Resurrecting the Word: Dante and the Bible”

Book Reviews

Sue Mitchell Crowley

Ian Hamilton, Robert Lowell, A Biography

Vereen M. Bell, Robert Lowell, Nihilist as Hero

Mark Rudman, Robert Lowell, An Introduction to the Poetry

Rachel Hadas

James Merrill, From the First Nine: Poems 1946-1976

James Merrill, The Changing Light at Sandover

David Lehman and Charles Berger, James Merrill: Essays in Criticism

Volume 16.2 (Summer 1984)


  • Steven Shankman, “Reason and Revelation in the Pre-Enlightenment: Eric Voegelin’s Analysis and the Case of Swift”
  • Janet Larson, “Stories Sacred and Profane: Narrative in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • James R. Lindroth, “A Consistency of Voice and Vision: O’Connor as Self-Critic”
  • John Spencer Hill, “The Phoenix”

Book Reviews

Richard Fallis

Gregory A. Schirmer, The Poetry of Austin Clarke

Mary Lynn Broe

Sonia Gernes, The Way to St. Ives

Frank Clough

Verlyn Flieger, Splintered Light: Logos and Language in Tolkien’s World

Volume 16.1 (Winter 1984)


  • Geoffrey Hartman, “Elegy at the Bodensee”


  • Elie Wiesel, “Noah’s Warning”
  • André Neher, “The Renaissance of Hebrew in the Twentieth Century”
  • John Felstiner, “Translating Paul Celan’s ‘Jerusalem’ Poems”
  • Robert McAfee Brown, “The Nathan Syndrome: Stories with a Moral Intention”
  • John J. McDonald, “Religion and Literature”

Book Reviews

Thomas J.J. Altizer

Susan A. Handelman, The Slayers of Moses: The Emergence of Rabbinic Interpretation in Modern Literary Theory

Samuel C. Heilman, The People of the Book: Drama, Fellowship, and Religion

Volume 15.3 (Summer 1983)


  • Herbert Mason, “Under the Sign of THE SEVEN SLEEPERS


  • G. Douglas Atkins, “Partial Stories: Hebraic and Christian Thinking in the Wake of Deconstruction”
  • Stanley Hauerwas, “Constancy and Forgiveness: The Novel as a School for Virtue”
  • Richard E. Palmer, “Postmodern Hermeneutics and the Act of Reading”
  • William Clyde Brown, “The Ambiguities of Thomas Hardy”

Book Review

Dayton Haskin

Georgia B. Christopher, Milton and the Science of the Saints

Volume 15.2 (Spring 1983)


  • Lawrence Buell, “Literature and Scripture in New England Between the Revolution and the Civil War”
  • Joseph A. Buttigieg, “The Interest of Irony”
  • Sallie McFague, “The Parabolic in Faulkner, O’Connor, and Percy”
  • Wallace Fowlie, “Faith and Narrative in Dante”

Volume 15.1 (Winter 1983)


  • Dolores Warwick Frese, “Wulf and Eadwacer: The Adulterous Woman Reconsidered”
  • John H. Timmerman, “Typology and Biblical Consistency in Billy Budd
  • James Lill, “A Lesson in Futurity: Johnson’s Life of Sir Thomas Brown
  • Regina Schwartz, “Free Will and Character Autonomy in the Bible”

Book Reviews

James Dougherty

Norman Chaney, Theodore Roethke: The Poetics of Wonder

Thomas Gaiton Marullo

Robert Louis Jackson, The Art of Dostoevsky: Deliriums and Nocturnes

John C. Nerone

Nathan O. Hatch and Mark R. Noll, eds., The Bible in America: Essays in Cultural History