10.1- 14.3 (Spring 1982)

Volume 14.2 (Spring 1982)


  • Fred S. Heuman, “Some Major Biblical Sources in Thomas Mann’s Joseph Tetralogy”
  • Vincent B. Sherry, Jr., “A New Boast for In Parenthesis: The Dramatic Monology of David Jones”
  • John Matthias, “David Jones: Letters to H. S. Ede”
  • Brother George Klawitter, CSC, “A New David Jones Letter”

Book Reviews

Marjorie Schreiber Kinsey

Paul Hills with Nicolete Gray, David Jones

Cornel West

Hans W. Frei, The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative: A Study in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Hermeneutics

Jonathan A. Glenn

Richard Kenneth Emmerson, Antichrist in the Middle Ages: A Study in Medieval Apocalypticism, Art, and Literature

Kerry J. Koller

Henning Fenger, Kierkegaard, The Myths and Their Origins

Volume 14.1 (Winter 1982)


  • W. Richard Comstock, “Religion, Literature, and Religious Studies: A Sketch of Their Modal Connections”
  • Frances M. Malpezz, “The Feast of the Circumcision: The Return to Sacred Time in Herrick’s Noble Numbers
  • William Shullenberger, “Christ as Metaphor: Figural Instruction in Milton’s Nativity Ode”
  • G. Farrell Lee, “Grotesque and the Demonism of Silence: Beckett’s Endgame

Book Reviews

Paul John Eakin

William C. Spengemann, The Forms of Autobiography: Episodes in the History of a Literary Genre

Walter R. Davis

John R. Knott, Jr., The Sword of the Spirit: Puritan Responses to the Bible

Lawrence Rosenwald

Sargent Bush, Jr., The Writings of Thomas Hooker: Spiritual Adventure in Two Worlds

Volume 13.3 (Summer 1981)


  • M.H. Abrams, “Kant and the Theology of Art”
  • Felicia Bonaparte, “_Middlemarch_: The Genesis of Myth in the English Novel: The Relationship Between Literary Form and the Modern Predicament”
  • Kenneth Burke, “Variations on ‘Providence’”
  • Mark Searle, “Liturgy and Metaphor”

Volume 13.1 (Autumn 1980)


  • Richard Giannone, “Willa Cather as Psalmist”
  • William F. Lynch, SJ, “The Drama of the Mind. An Ontology of the Imagination”
  • Thomas J. Morrissey, “The Self and the Meditative Tradition in Donne’s Devotions
  • G. Douglas Atkins, “J. Hillis Miller, Deconstruction, and the Recovery of Transcendence”

Book Reviews

Thomas R. Whitaker

Alla Bozarth-Campbell, The Word’s Body: An Incarnational Aesthetic of Interpretation

Michael Kramer

James Dougherty, The Fivesquare City: The City in the Religious Imagination

Matei Calinescu

Mircea Eliade, The Old Man and the Bureaucrats: A Novella

Volume 12.2 (April 1980)


  • J. Hillis Miller, “Wuthering Heights and the Ellipses of Interpretation”
  • Walter R. Davis, “Homily and Poem: Doctrine and Form”
  • Nicholas Wolterstorff, “Was Macduff of Woman Born? The Ontology of Characters”
  • Thomas Werge, “Dante’s Ulysses and Ahab’s Voyage: The Angelic Imagination in the Literal World”

Volume 12.1 (October 1979)


  • John Gatta, Jr., “Edward Taylor and Thomas Hooker: Two Physicians of The Poore Doubting Soul”
  • Joseph A. Longo, “Under the Volcano: Geoffrey Firmin’s Tragic Epiphany”
  • James E. Robinson, “King Lear and the Space Between”
  • Herbert Mason, “Excerpt from The Death of al-Hallaj” (Introduction by David Burrell, CSC)

Book Reviews

John J. McDonald

Giles Gunn, The Interpretation of Otherness: Literature, Religion, and the American Imagination

Elizabeth Sewell

William Blake, Milton and The Book of Urizen

J. Hillis Miller

Felicia Bonaparte, The Triptych and the Cross: The Central Myth of George Eliot’s Poetic Imagination

Volume 11.2 (April 1979)


  • David G. Roskies, “The Pogrom Poem and the Literature of Destruction”
  • Henryk Grynberg, “The Holocaust in Polish Literature”
  • Judith Baskin, “The Rabbinic Transformation of Rahab the Harlot”

Book Reviews

Hana Wirth-Nesher

Irving Howe and Ruth Wisse, eds., The Best of Sholom Aleichem

Joyce Field

Sol Gittleman, From Shtetl to Suburbia: The Family in Jewish Literary Imagination

Janice Friedman

Leslie Epstein, King of the Jews

Elliot D. Rosenstock

Alvin H. Rosenfeld and Irving Greenberg, eds., Confronting the Holocaust: The Impact of Elie Wiesel

Bonnie Lyons

Bernard Malamud, Dubin’s Lives

Volume 11.1 (October 1978)


  • Virginia F. Randall, “The Mandala as Structure in Thomas Merton’s The Geography of Lograire
  • Guy Rotella, “Evil, Goodness, and Grace in Warren’s Audobon: A Vision
  • Byron L. Sherwin, “Jewish Messianism and Elie Weisel”
  • Joseph Anthony Mazzeo, “Fallen Man: Forbidden Knowledge, Forgotten Knowledge”

Book Reviews

Robert McAfee Brown

Elie Weisel, Four Hasidic Masters and Their Struggle Against Melancholy

Elena Malits, CSC

Thomas Merton, Collected Poems

Thomas R. Whitaker

David Jones, The Dying Gaul and Other Writings