Religion & Literature is a scholarly journal providing a forum for discussion of the relations between two crucial human concerns, the religious impulse and the literary forms of any era, place, or language.


Current Issue: 51.3-52.1 Angels and Moderns (published Winter 2020)​​​​​​


Stephanie Gehring, “Attention, Avoidance, and Tragedy: What Simone Weil Could Have Said About King Lear if She Had Read Stanley Cavell”

Caleb D. Spencer, “Postsecular Conversions: From Traveling Mercies to Fight Club

Jonathan McGregor, “Black Medievalism: Claude McKay's Late Catholic Poetry"

M. Genevieve West, “Sin and Salvation: Marita Bonner's Early Explorations of Christian Theology"

Robert William Rix, “Divine Improvisations: J. J. G. Wilkinson and Automatic Writing”

Harrison Dietzman, “‘Faith’ is a fine invention”: Emily Dickinson’s Critique of Empiricism"         

Philip Irving Mitchell, "The Excessive Event: Four British Church Dramas (1934-1951) and the Phenomenology of the Communion of the Saints"

Forum: Angelic Poetry 

Felix Schmelzer, "Introduction"

Michael D. Hurley, "The Fate of Angels in the Nineteenth Century"

Felix Schmelzer, "Feathery Traces: The (Dis)appearance of the Angel in the Work of Mallarmé"

Juan Eduardo Carreño, "Can a Poet Talk with Angels? An Answer from Medieval Angelology"

Dominique de Courcelles, "The Struggle with the Angel"

Romana Huk, "Postmodern Angels"

Book Review Essay

Cyril O'Regan, "The Lure of Literature and Mysticism in Modern Jewish Thought"

Book Reviews

Caroline Gruenbaum on The Andalusi Literary and Intellectual Tradition: The Role of Arabic in Judah ibn Tibbon’s Ethical Will by Sarah J. Pearce

Richard Fahey on Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church by Richard Firth Green

Kristen Poole on Performance and Religion in Early Modern England: Stage, Cathedral, Wagon, Street by Matthew J. Smith

Claire Falck on Milton and the Burden of Freedom by Warren Chernaik

Giada Pizzoni on The Papist Represented: Literature and the English Catholic Community, 1688-1791 by Geremy Carnes

Gary M. Ciuba on Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence by Jessica Hooten Wilson

Michael W. Higgins on Fate and Freedom in the Novels of David Adams Richards by Sara MacDonald and Barry Craig

Kristine Larsen on Editing the Soul: Science and Fiction in the Genome Age by Everett Hamner



R L 51





Upcoming Issue: 52.2 (Expected Spring 2021)


Gabriel Rieger, "‘Give me your hand and say you will be mine’: Containing Catholicism in Thomas Middleton’s Measure for Measure"

Asher Gelzer-Govatos, "'A Sensuous Embodiment': Sacramental Poetics in T. S. Eliot’s Ariel Poems"

Patricia Patrick, "‘You Learn Me Noble Thankfulness’: Restoring a Graceful Cycle of Giving and Receiving in Much Ado About Nothing"

Jarica Watts, "Of Dashes, Gashes, and Wounds: Radclyffe Hall and the Medieval Devotion of ‘Miss Ogilvy Finds Herself'"

Mary Jo Kietzman, "Othello: Shakespeare’s Realistic Samson"

Christina Iluzada, "How to Respond to New Atheists: Learning How to View the Material World, Knowledge, and Mystery from the Seventeenth-Century Poet Lucy Hutchinson"