Forthcoming Issue

Maria Tomasula Red Curtain

Volume 48.1 (expected Spring 2017)

The articles featured in 48.1 include:

Kevin Chovanec, “Stirring Meats: Resurrection Doctrine and the Substance of the Body in The Revenger’s Tragedy

Andrew Williams, “Differ with Charity: Religious Tolerance and Secularization in The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Daniel DiMassa, “Varieties of Radical Enlightenment: Secularization as Translation in Goethe’s Autobiography”

Alyssa Bellows, “Cardinal John Henry Newman’s One ‘Thing’ Needful: The Spiritual Necessity of Material in Loss and Gain

Zachary Ugolnik, “Internal Liturgy: The Transmission of the Jesus Prayer in the Philokalia and The Way of a Pilgrim (Rasskav Strannika)

Edward Upton, “Approaching Nirvana: Skillful Means and Asceticism in T. S. Eliot’s Critique of Arthur Schopenhauer”