Forthcoming Issue

Maria Tomasula Red Curtain

Volume 48.3 (expected Fall 2017)

The articles featured in 48.3 include:

  • Cynthia Wallace, “‘Whatever Else We Call It’: The Great Price of Secular Sainthood in Mary Gordon’s Pearl.”
  • Courtney Palmbush, “Christine de Pizan’s Letter of Othea to Hector, the Rose, and the Comedy.”
  • Scott Dill, “Toward a Theology of Taste: John Updike’s Creaturely Aesthetics.”
  • Alex Davis, “Story Without End: Perspective, Form, and Interpretation in John’s Apocalypse.”
  • Ken Derry, “Blood on the Wall: Christianity, Colonialism, and Mimetic Conflict in Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye.” .
  • John Wiehl, “Discarding Predestination in Thomas Cooper’s The Purgatory of Suicides.”