Forthcoming Issue

Volume 45.2 (Summer 2013)

The articles featured in 45.2 include:

  • David Ainsworth, “Milton’s Holy Spirit in De Doctrina Christiana
  • Jay D. Miller, “Nature Hath a Voice: John Woolman’s Wilderness Habitus
  • Robert J. Patterson, “A Triple-Twined Re-appropriation: Womanist Theology and Gendered-Racial Protest in the Writings of Jarena Lee, Frances E. W. Harper, and Harriet Jacobs”
  • Christopher Douglas, “‘If God Meant to Interfere’: Evolution and Theodicy in Blood Meridian
  • Yael S. Feldman, “Isaac and Ishmael? The Sibling Challenge to Israel’s Oedipalized ‘Binding’”

This issue features a forum on Gerard Manley Hopkins, edited by Martin Dubois. The forum offers essays from Martin Dubois, Daniel Brown, Joseph Pizza, Summer J. Star, James Finn Cotter, Meredith martin, Duc Dau and Frank Fennell.