Forthcoming Issue

Volume 47.1 (published spring 2016)

The articles featured in 47.1 include:

  • Gregory Foran, “Eschatology and Ecclesiology in Macbeth
  • Richard Strier, “Mind, Nature, Heterodoxy, and Iconoclasm in The Winter’s Tale
  • Charis Charalampous, “Thinking (of) Feelings in Donne’s Poetry: The Signifying Rift and ‘The Evidence of Things Not Seen’”
  • Travis DeCook, “The Extrinsic Bible: Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis, Concepts of Scripture and The Question of Secularity”
  • Lucas Kwong, “Killing Alton: The Politics of Spiritual Autobiography in Alton Locke
  • Loni Reynolds, “‘A Human Yet Dark Tribute to Life’: The Eucharist in the Work of Gregory Corso”
  • Forum: “Rethinking the Bible as Literature,” Emily A. Ransom editor